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License Plate Reader (LPR) Technology – Invasion of Privacy?

It looks like the Repossession Industry is about to go to battle  regarding the License Plate Reader technology and  the issue of ‘invasion of privacy’.  I read an article that was listed on WIVB News Channel 4, Buffalo, about this and my interpretation of that information is that the privacy experts think that we are encroaching on the general public’s right to privacy.  This is because when LPR is scanning license plates in hope that repossession companies can find the vehicle they need to repossess, that at the same time they are scanning any and all vehicles during that process.

We know that law enforcement use the same technology as they too have the high-speed digital cameras mounted on their vehicles.

Here’s the link to the article – – I would be interested to hear your comments and feedback regarding the comments made by all concerned.

Technology is ever evolving and that is apparent for most industries, including the Repossession Industry – so where do we go from here?

Susan Marston


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