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Do You Want To Start Your Own Repossession Company? Do You Want To Become A Repossession Field Agent?

I want to start the new decade by reaching out to those people that are interested in joining the Repossession Industry and in and amongst their research have tried asking questions on other websites and of people within the industry.   I have had so many comments and feedback from positive people that are in disbelief of the arrogant and ignorant behavior of some of our industry related ‘colleagues’ (and I use that word very loosely!). Unfortunately, I am embarrassed to say that many fellow repossessors have shunned, belittled, ridiculed and humiliated them to the point that some have not followed their dream.

Please do not judge our industry by the minority, as the majority of people within the repossession industry do not act that way.  They are good, honest  and hard working and usually will help others.

Don’t be disheartened if you have been a victim of this unprofessional and childish behavior, because there truly are people out there that will help you.  Take a look at this video on YouTube.  Although totally unrelated to the Repossession Industry, it can be interpreted to anyone, anywhere and in any lifestyle etc.  It illustrates the points I am making well. ‘Just make sure you watch it all –

This woman ‘Dreamed a Dream’ and she finally got a chance to prove what she could do, against many judgmental and arrogant people’s opinions. It’s never too late and don’t let anyone deter you from your goals in life.  With respect to her, if she can do it, so can you!  Against all the odds she ‘Dreamed Her Dream’ and made it come true!

The American Repossessor invites anyone wanting to enter the repossession industry, be it to start your own repossession company, or to be a Field Agent, driver  – frankly for whatever reason, send us an e-mail and we will help guide you to those that can provide you with professional and quality advice.

All industries need new blood and the repossession industry is no different.  If we guide and help new people correctly, we can help to minimize the cowboy level that exists but also help to prevent the ‘newbies’ become cowboys, because if they were guided and advised the right way from the beginning and not left to their own devices, as unfortunately so many of which do create ‘cowboy’ companies!

The American Repossessor is here to help both ‘newbies’ and existing companies – we are here to help YOU!  For more information, please e-mail directly to

‘Never, never, never give up!” ~ Winston Churchill

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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