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Repo man uses handcuffs, stun gun to take man’s Harley-Davidson

A Box Elder man spent Christmas Eve in jail for reportedly using handcuffs and a stun gun in an attempt to repossess a Harley Davidson motorcycle from a Sioux Falls man.

Christopher Lee Lacuran, 39, called the 67-year-old man to say he had paperwork from Harley Davidson to deliver. When he arrived at the victim’s home, he asked to see the motorcycle, which is owned by the victim’s son.

The victim refused, police spokesman Sam Clemens said, and demanded to see the paperwork from Harley Davidson proving that Lacuran represented the company.

Lacuran then handcuffed the victim and threatened to use a stun gun if he didn’t show him the bike, Clemens said.

The repo man eventually gave up and drove away and the victim called police. He showed them cuts and bruises on his wrists, then gave them the suspect’s phone number.

Lacuran returned to Sioux Falls when officers called him. He was charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault.

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